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The Internet site of Gap‘s district started in January 2005 thanks to the « weblogs » system, easy to use and to up-date.

The few pages which are submitted to you are designed to inform about life in the bishop’s district and the bishop himself.  They are also intended to those who are visiting the area and would like to know about the Church in the department, times of Mass, name of vicars serving the holiday parishes. 

Regularly, an article is added in first page to inform about a particular event. As already underlined by Mgr. J.M di Falco Leandri in his first editorial, the site is aimed at coordinating district activities and



initiatives. « I wish that tool to be understood as a place for Catholics in Hautes-Alpes  to communicate, exchange and  be informed ».

« Communicating is always a delicate and imperfect operation. Even so, to live in communion, it is necessary to communicate, understand the other’s point of view, » added the bishop of GAP.



Our district church will benefit fully of that exchange.

Up to everybody now to give life to the site by sending your informations or remarks.

Enjoy it and look forward !


To consult the blog in english, clic here
(the translation is not perfect, but easy to understand)

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